Renowned Sinologist prof. Monoranjan Mohanty from India was invited to Polus to give a lecture on『The prospects of India-China silk road cooperation』

Dr. Monoranjan Mohanty, professor emeritus at the department of political economy at the university of Delhi, India, visited our college on May 30, held an academic lecture on the theme of 『The prospects of India-China silk road cooperation: Xi-Mohanty Meeting, from Ahmedabad to Wuhan』. The lecture was presided over by the executive director, professor Ye Jianzhong. Professor Yao Chaocheng, vice President of the school of humanities and foreign affairs, acted as the on-site interpreter. Leaders of all functional departments and all teachers and students of foreign language department jointly participated in the lecture and academic exchanges.

Dr. Monoranjan Mohanty’s lecture was based on the basic situation and historical evolution of the silk road, the paper puts forward the concepts of global rebalancing and global reconstruction, the report forecasts the form and content of the India-China silk road cooperation, and puts forward a beautiful vision of cooperation in science and technology, culture, education, scientific research, economy and other aspects. The interactive session of Q&A was lively, Dr. Mohanty’s easy to understand answers to the questions struck a chord with the teachers.

This lecture promotes the academic vision of the college’s teachers and students, and plays a positive role in creating the atmosphere of international academic exchange.