Major of Business English visited Thailand to participate in the 2018 international summer camp

At the invitation of Rambhaibarni Rajabhat University in Thailand, from June 24th to 30th, Li Wenjing from the foreign affairs department led six students majoring in business English in the school of humanities and foreign affairs to attend the 2018 international summer camp in Thailand.

This program is sponsored by Rambhaibarni Rajabhat University in Changwat Chanthaburi (จังหวัดจันทบุรี), and aims to enhance the intercultural communication between our students and students from Thailand, including short courses and international education experience. The seven-day summer camp will focus on Thai culture and traditions, Thai language learning and teaching methods, Thai food, cooking, traditional medicine, sports and entertainment. In addition, the activity also includes the tour of historical sites and field teaching.

Rambhaibarni Rajabhat University was founded in 1972, the university consists of agricultural college, education college, school of humanities, school of business administration, school of journalism and communication, school of science and information technology, school of electronic information technology, school of nursing and law, etc. This school mainly offers undergraduate and master level higher education.