President’s Greeting

What is Polus International

“Polus International” is a standard and springboard. Based on perception of the Latin “Polus”, a point in the vast universe, the word implies that thePolusInternationalCollege has fused itself into the global arena of  of taking inspiration from human civilization and providing international education. As “Polus” also refers to the God of Wisdom in the universe, the College has been since its birth preparing from a distinctive point to enlighten our students with diversified intelligences, to enhance their anticipation to upgrade their life’s quality such as beauty and health, and to provide them with a colorful and professional higher vocational education.

Our education in art design indicates, instead of a formal illustration, an experience and innovation of life’s art and beauty. Both the external formal beauty and internal dynamic beauty have become an integral link in the burgeoning innovation industry. To target at humans, the most fluctuating object, thePolusInternationalCollegeis the first institution of higher learning inChinato launch interdisciplinary researches in  the instructions of “Image Design” and “Human Health and Beauty”.

To couple the concept of designing with life’s beauty in mind, the College gives much attention to adressing   human concerns within the modern lifestyle, and offers much focus on humanistic researches in interior living space, home landscape and garment design.

To maximize modern professional appeals, thePolusInternationalCollegehas extended its programs into visual transmission by integrating visual arts with modern cyber technology, and explored instructional research in 3D digital arts.

Along the production lines of innovation industries, business of art works, innovative marketing, and cultural experience have been transferring from the traditional to modern service model of business. One highlight of the College research and instructional attainments is that we offer programs in business administration, market promotion and foreign languages for a successful business career of our students


Out of the 21st century’s innovation economy, the developed countries are harvesting from their previous efforts, whileChinais just at its seed-sowing stage. As the nation quickens its step toward a prosperous and power future, thePolusInternationalCollegeshoulders a great opportunity and mission in this historic time to train for innovation industries the qualified graduates equipped with upgraded humanistic, scientific and technical attainments.

What “Polus International” means at all is thePolusInternationalCollege.



Principal  YAN Hong,