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The School of Arts & Design

The School currently has three departments: Image Design (founded in 1993), Digital Arts (founded in 2002), and Habitation & Environmental Design (founded in 2004). After 20-plus-year efforts, the nine programs of these three departments have formulated their respective education features and curricular advantages.


The program of Image Design is rated as China’s well-known brand, with pioneering curricula for hairdressing and cosmetic makeup. As a key and demonstrative higher-vocational program of SichuanProvince, Image Design boasts of domestic top-notch staff as well as training teams notable for world-skill competition.


The Department of Digital Arts closely keeps in pace with the development of visual transmission arts design, e-game and animation, and film/TV production, and adopts advanced instructional means such as IT design software, to extend the student innovation potentials and creativity, which well integrates visual arts and digital media with infinite prospects.


Under continuous assistance of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Department of Habitation & Environmental Design has formulated, through years of efforts, its fine curricular features, focusing on micro and macro habitation settings and quality insurance. In reference to sustainable development, the Department commits itself to prospective issues such as safety, health and beauty of habitation environment.


Relevance of modern life and art design is far beyond our imagination, where the art design and esthetic appeal upgrade our life’s quality on a daily basis. Art design integrates many things together, such as practicality and artistry, function and modeling, material and structure, visual and audio, tradition and modernity, culture and sentiment, oriental and occidental – all for a more diversified and beautiful, healthier and safer life.


Like artists, designers, with unique perspective and insight of observation, are able to discover features out of common, special from general, therefore to transfer materials into designer styles.


Like engineers, designers plan, proceed with, analyze and offer solutions to problems through their professional rigorousness, soberness, so that every detail is able to well fall in with its wholeness in keeping close step with technical and cultural advancement.